ast Quest Records, Inc
was started by a music composer-producer
Dr. Osamu Kitajima. His music comes from deep within his soul and combines his mastery of Japanese traditional music with the mystery of contemporary digital sounds.

n this web site, you will find the top quality music in various kinds of genre produced by Dr. Osamu Kitajima.

We can attempt to analyze his music with comments like

"a harmony of East and West, a fusion of electric and acoustic"
and so forth.

But it is doubtful that such analyses will enhance the perception of those who have actually experienced Osamu's music.
He ventures into whatever type of music he enjoys.

hat is most impressive though, is that no matter what genre the music based in, it seems to be freed from the confines of that label as soon as Osamu touches it.

usic becomes his, bearing the distinctive sound of his world.
Music is something to be listened to, something to experience.
The best way to appreciate Osamu's music is sit back and enjoy.
There is, really, no need to figure it out.